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A Father's Song


How do fathers show their love? Usually, with a lot of activity! It is those special, fun-filled moments that I wanted to capture with this story. The warm and lively illustrations of Lucy Corvino are a wonderful complement to the text of A Father's Song.

Join in as a father and child romp in the park – going on the slide, playing tag together, roaring like bears, and splashing in the water. And what dad hasn't flown their child around “like an airplane that swoops…making wide loop-de-loops?”

This book celebrates the universal love that fathers share in very special ways with their children. It makes a great everyday gift for a special youngster, and a wonderful gift for Dad from a child. Or pair it with A Mother’s Song for a terrific gift for new parents.

Parents, teachers and home-schoolers can click on Curriculum Guide for discussion, child-participation and project suggestions for A Father’s Song.






“…an excellent book for reading aloud and sharing one-to-one.” School Library Journal, March 2006.


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