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If Kisses Were Colors - Fan Mail

An unexpected reward of being published is receiving letters and cards from people who love my books and share them with their children. I also enjoy hearing from students after Iíve appeared at a school. Their heartfelt words always bring a smile to my face.

One mother received If Kisses Were Colors when she announced her engagement to friends at work. Once she became pregnant, she began reading If Kisses Were Colors out loud to her baby even before he was born! A few months later, she contacted me:

"Alex is going to be 10 months old next week (the time has gone by SOOOO fast!!) and his FAVORITE book is.... you guessed it "If Kisses Were Colors"!!!! No matter where he is or what he is doing, all I have to do is pick up your book and start reading it quietly and he stops and gets a BIG smile on his face and races over as fast as he can crawl and we sit and read together. I always start and end by pointing to the picture of the Mommy and the baby and saying "There's the Mommy and there's the Alex!!" a couple of times and he just loves it!! Then I point to all the pictures as we're reading and explain what everything is."


Baby Alex reading If Kisses Were Colors

Big boy Alex still loves Kisses! He thinks the elephant in a bathing suit is funny. So do I!

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