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A Mother's Song

.....Come kneel by the pathway
     and sift through the sand.
     You’ll find silver pebbles,
     and gold, in your hand.

Special moments occur when parents slow down and take time to enjoy the wonders of nature with their children. This is the theme I share with readers in A Mother's Song (Sterling, 2010).

A mother and child romp through the seasons, pretending they are springtime frogs ,feeling summer raindrops on bare feet, chasing autumn’s dancing leaves, and creating winter snow angels.

The warmth, joy, and fine detail of Kathleen Kemly’s art are a terrific complement to my story.

Parents, teachers and home-schoolers can click on Curriculum Guide for discussion, child-participation and project suggestions for A Mother’s Song.

My dog, Patches, is a silent star in this book! A while back, I showed my editor his puppy picture. Everyone thought he was so cute he should be included somehow. Take a look at his pictures on the right. Don’t you agree? Kathleen Kemly did a great job adding him to my story.

“The graceful, pastel artwork and soothing writing beget a breezy message about motherly love.” Publishers Weekly

Patches' puppy picture

Patches, just hangin'


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