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I love to write poetry, and I like to see kids laugh and smile. So I often write humorous poems about things that happen to kids or feelings many of them experience. I sometimes write about how I feel, too. And often the world around me makes me wonder, and so the littlest things, even a blade of grass, become the subject of a poem.

Sidewalk Grass
     by Janet Lawler


Every year it grows right back...

A tiny seed lands in a crack.

There it rests,

and stubborn, stays,

cozy in that crack for days.

Soon a little blade of grass

pokes up and out.

How does it last,

enduring scorching summer heat,

trampled on

and crushed by feet?

In fall, a gripping frost will win.

But under where the grass has been,

new seeds hide in the crack below.

With next spring's rain,

more grass will grow!

  Writers often look
  for unexpected
  details in the
  world around them.

  I am always amazed
  by how seeds can
  sprout in the
  smallest spots.

  Next time you're
  outside, check
  driveways, parking
  lots, and sidewalks.
  You may find grass
  growing, or even
  a flower or tree!

Sunflower growing at community garden



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