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      prehistoric games

The Story

Once every thousand years, dinosaurs from around the world fight tooth and claw to win medals at THE PREHISTORIC GAMES. Martin Davey’s colorful pictures bring the events to life, with track-running raptors, gymnast pteranodons, and basketball-playing apatosaurs. Take a seat in the stands, root for your favorites, and have a tyranno-rific time!


The Story Behind The Story

Years ago, my young daughter was playing in the bleachers with plastic dinosaurs during my my son's basketball game. A parent exclaimed, "Ah! We're in Jurassic Gym!" Those words started the wheels turning about dinosaurs going to a gym to get fit. Through ensuing years and revisions, the story morphed into THE PREHISTORIC GAMES, as I pondered the humor involved in dinosaurs competing in Olympic events. How funny would it be to see a T. Rex with tiny arms trying to do push ups?!







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