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Rain Forest Colors

       rain forest colors

My Writing Process

As with my process for OCEAN COUNTING, I wrote text to accompany gorgeous photos of rain forest animals taken by photographer Tim Laman. I researched each animal. I wrote short text and Did You Know? information. Back pages include facts about size, homes, food, predators and babies for each animal, as well as a map, a fun “color quiz,” and additional resources.

Would you like to see more of Tim Laman’s incredible nature photographs? Visit his website.






Starred review from Kirkus:

Stunning animal photos introduce children to 10 basic colors…the colors of these animals are never in doubt…the photos get readers so close that the scales on the iguana are visible… each spread features a single creature…with a brief paragraph that gives a few facts and asks a question of readers…Readers will not only practice their colors, they’ll get an inkling of what a colorful and wonderful world we live in. (Informational picture book. 2-8)

rainforest spider
spiny orb weaver
(© photo by Tim Laman)

Curriculum Guide
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