My Story

I was born and grew up in Milford, Connecticut, where my older sister and I cared for chickens, dogs, rabbits, ducks, and a large vegetable garden. I played make believe games with my sister and friends, created cards and crafts, fished with my father, swam and ice skated on nearby ponds, and read a lot.

I loved school, and sometimes we “played school” in the summer. I often biked two miles to the town library to check out as many books as would fit in my basket. In between chores, I climbed an old backyard apple tree to read in the shade.

Me in 1st Grade
My dog, Patches

After grammar school and high school in Milford, I attended Connecticut College, where I majored in Government and American Studies, made a lot of new friends, and played varsity badminton. After college, I worked and traveled before attending and graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

I have held many jobs, including working in a garden center, waitressing (I once spilled a whole plate of spaghetti on the floor), teaching tennis, creating volunteer programs, publishing a travel magazine, practicing law, and being a mother.

I began writing stories for children when my son and daughter were very young. They have been the source of many story ideas. So have our pet dogs, lizards, guinea pigs, crickets, fish, birds, and rabbits.

I enjoy nature and being outdoors. I’m not afraid of bugs, spiders, or snakes. In my spare time, I love to play tennis and platform tennis, walk my dog, share tea time with friends, read, and garden. I also love to travel. Visiting new places and meeting new people sparks curiosity and creativity—there’s always a new story idea around the corner!

Hanging Out in Sedona
"Hanging out" in Sedona