If Kisses Were Colors
Published by Dial Books for Young Readers / 2010 (Board)
Ages 0–5
Illustrated by Alison Jay

About The Book

Imagery in this mother’s love poem compares a parent’s boundless love to wonder and beauty in nature.  In picture book or board (full text) editions, If Kisses Were Colors is a perfect choice for bedtime snuggles, or new baby or shower gift.

Info, Awards, and Reviews

A Children’s Book of the Month Club main selection for 0–2
Translated into Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Hebrew
Recommended selection in Children’s Book Sense, August 2003
A Top Ten Valentine’s Day pick in Book Sense, January 2006

…Janet Lawler’s charming verse expresses a mother’s love for her baby, comparing kisses to raindrops, pebbles, glowing comets and other wonders of nature…This affectionate volume will induce a contented feeling as surely as it will inspire loving kisses. All ages. – Publishers Weekly

The logic of love transforms the world here. Every “if” is followed by an implied “then” that shows the way love changes everything…This book brings a world of love to the lap-reading crowd. – Mary Harris Russell, Chicago Tribune

Move over ‘Goodnight Moon,’ make room on the shelf for ‘If Kisses were Colors’ – Dora Kubek, Milford Weekly